40 years of Construction Services

Grant MacDonald is the owner of MACCID Consulting Ltd. He has been involved in development, design, and construction services since 1982. His partner and wife, Marisa MacDonald, has been an integral part of the business. Before coming to Canada, MacDonald Builders was a well-established and diverse construction organization in England.

This developer’s initiatives involved all manner of construction and design related to new housing and larger government projects with mobility/care facility housing. He was a member of The Guild of Master Craftsmen and The European Federation of Master Builders.

Grant MacDonald – Principal at MACCID Consulting Ltd

The concept of MACCID Consulting Ltd. was formed by MacDonald Builders in 2004. MacDonald Builders is a medium-sized general contractor that provides construction, inspection, and development services in residential, commercial, and multi-family residential buildings across southern British Columbia.

In Canada, MacDonald Builders is a proud member of the Canadian Home Builders Association and provides full home warranty coverage through Traveller’s Insurance. Their projects have ranged from multi-family to single-family homes, inclusive of townhome strata developments and construction of duplexes.

We Ensure Safety

We believe that safety is a major concern in today’s society. We strictly follow government guidelines and ensure that the clients and employees are safe. Our workers are trained in safe practices and required to wear proper safety gear. Additionally, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and warning signs are posted to help in the case of an emergency. When you choose us, you can have peace of mind.


More than Just Construction

MACCID Consulting Ltd is comprised of a group of construction specialists.

  • Licensed residential builders
  • Design professionals
  • Building code consultants
  • Legal professionals
  • Professional engineers
  • Envelope specialists
  • construction contractors

One-on-one Attention

At MACCID Consulting Ltd., each client receives one-on-one attention through the entire process by our experienced and trained professionals. Our team consistently demonstrates the ability to listen and respond and earn trust through actions that distinguish us and reinforce the company’s good name in our great community. We aim to create high-quality buildings that are appropriate to their settings and extremely functional.

With our core values – integrity, excellence, and respect, we have shaped a reputation to be proud of. From a solid base, we intend to continue creating outstanding homes with the needs of the community in mind.



We believe that creativity can be achieved through architectural collective inputs and brainstorming sessions with clients. Each of our designs is driven by your unique designs, and when completed, it expands our conception of what is possible. With us, you can expect the style and class that will not fade with the ages.

Client Participation

We welcome our clients to provide suggestions and ideas during the design process and throughout construction. We work with a concept of making your dream a reality. This one-on-one approach is what makes our projects successful and ultimately very pleased and satisfied clients.


At MACCID Consulting Ltd, we consistently maintain a high level of professionalism and responsibility in each project. We guarantee quality work, as we know, our clients would expect nothing less. Each of us ensures the highest standards are incorporated at every step of construction. The company’s rigorous attention to detail is a reflection of the broad range of expertise and leadership within the organization.

Your project is indeed our project, and we work hard to make it successful.